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Kinetic Synergy Dance Company 

Performance Company

Kinetic Synergy Dance Company Performance Company is a 10 month commitment for dancers to create works for an annual concert – attendance is key.

As dancers of all walks of life - there is an understanding that things do happen. Presenting your anticipated conflicts at the beginning of the season is a requirement and ample notification of additional missed rehearsals is expected. Partnering, formations, synchronization, and all other components of the routine can only be properly rehearsed with all dancers in the piece. Rehearsal schedules are established at the beginning of each season [fall & spring] and mandatory rehearsals are noted at this time. 

This year, Kinetic Synergy is offering that flexibility just one step further. Dancers will now have the option to choose how many pieces they will participate in for the entire year. Dancers can choose to be in 5-7 pieces or 8-10 pieces. If a dancer chooses to be in 5-7 pieces, their rehearsals will be a bit more limited but spread out throughout the entire year. If you are someone who finds they may have more conflicts in the upcoming year, this may be the option for you. If a dancer chooses to be in 8-10 pieces, their rehearsals will be continuous until the end of spring. If you find that you have more availability on Sundays and can completely commit, this is the option for you. 


There is a place for everyone who is accepted to the company; “be bold enough to choose your own path and strong enough to follow it”.

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five - seven

Register Here for participation in our Performance Company; 5-7 dances.

eight - ten

Register Here for participation in our Performance Company; 8-10 dances.

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