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Kinetic Synergy was established in 2009 as a performance based company seen throughout all of New England. Originating in Rhode Island, KSDC established an outlet for young adult dancers to assemble, create, and inspire. 

Since then we have grown in to two locations, with over 30 performance company members and 200 class participants. 

Performance Dance Company

In 2009, Lauren, director, graduated college where she majored in dance and performing arts. College was daily dance classes, long nights of rehearsals, and monthly performances. With the urge to recreate this lifestyle she attended many auditions around New England, and after trials and tribulations, she had not quite filled the need for the same lifestyle. Stepping back into the studio as a youth dance instructor gave Lauren a place where she was valued as a dancer and creator. Slowly, dancers alike joined her in this search to pursue choreography and performance and created a small company, KSDC.

With a strong emphasis on technique, company members meet weekly to create works for upcoming performances and events. The company has many performance opportunities throughout the season, including our annual spring performance. We produce multiple works throughout the year, and all members are encouraged to contribute choreography. Past choreography includes ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and musical theatre. KSDC believes collaboration is an important aspect of the company, and helps keep rehearsals alive and fresh.

Kinetic Synergy Dance Company offers three seasons throughout the year, providing dancers opportunities to choreograph, teach, and perform. Registration is now open for the 2021-2022 season!


Dancing increases your energy level

Studies find that dance can improve physical performance and increase energy in adults. Dance class gives you the perfect opportunity to make new friends and socialize. Being socially engaged leads to increased happiness, and reduces stress.

Adult Fitness & Dance Classes

Fitness and dance classes are offered throughout the week in our Norwell location. Offering a wide variety of levels, there is a class for everyone. We are here for those who are returning to dance or starting for the first time. Members can choose from a variety of movement styles that will help gain mobility, strength and flexibility while improving memory, balance and sharpening reflexes. Our instructors are experienced and certified professionals that specialize in working with mature adults. These classes are exhilarating and motivating as well as a fun way to meet new friends.

At this time class sizes will be limited to 14 people and pre-registration is required.


Classes may be cancelled if there are no attendees within 24 hours.


Dancing offers a creative outlet

Skills you learn in dance class can be valuable and transferable skills that can be applied to any career path you choose in life. These are life skills that you can take with you.

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