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Adult Fitness & Dance Studio

Fitness & Dance Classes

We offer fitness and dance classes for ages 16+.

Classes are for beginners through advanced - there is a class for everyone.

Certified & trained instructors for every class.

Performance Dance Company

We have a performance dance company for ages 16+.

Company members meet weekly for rehearsals.

Auditions held three times a year for members to join.

Rediscover Your Drive & Confidence

If you have ever found yourself wanting to move and dance without having to in a children's dance studio, we are the place for you. With the comfort of adults surrounding you in each class, you can get back in a groove in one of our classes. Kinetic Synergy offers fitness and dance classes at our Norwell MA and Middletown RI studios. We also have two performance dance companies, Norwell MA and Middletown RI, that travel and perform throughout all of New England. 

Classes Offered

Why Kinetic Synergy?

  • no experience required

  • adults only

  • drop in rates

  • monthly commitment not required

  • wide variety of classes

  • performance opportunities for company members


5:30p Body Burn
6:00p Adult Tap
6:30p POUND
7:00p Hip Hop
7:30p Cardio Dance

7:30p FITDance


5:30p STRONG
6:30p Adult Ballet
7:30p Power Yoga

5:30p Adult Tap
6:30p POUND
7:30p Contemporary Jazz

9:00a Strong

10:00a Zumba*
10:00a FitDance*

*zumba & fitdance alternate weekly

9:00a Cardio Kickboxing